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What is a Cocktail Career?

Calling all the flex workers, side hustlers, gig economy innovators, freelancers, part-timers, second-halfers and career returners. 

Calling anyone and everyone blending work and life, family and friends, hobbies and passions in new and unexpected combinations - and anyone trying to adopt a more flexible approach to work and life.

Men, women, millennials, retirees, CEOs and those just leaving undergraduate programmes and business schools - we're talking to you.

Change is afoot. We believe that work/life balance is a myth.  

We’re done pretending that work and life are two separate entities and struggling to feel good about how much time we’re investing in either. 

As working mums, we feel that everything in our lives weaves together: messily, chaotically, imperfectly and (sometimes even) beautifully. So when it comes to our daily KPIs, hitting targets of family and friend time and investing in our own personal growth are just as important as landing that dream job and delivering in our careers.

We call the concept of blending work, life and everything in between the Cocktail Career, an approach inspired by our own mixing of life, work and beyond. Like that deliciously blended cocktail, we want our lives, careers, hobbies and families to be in sync – rather than a balance where you're constantly trading off and feeling guilty about one thing, another thing, or everything!

Now, we know this approach won’t work for everyone. Not everyone wants to blend and not everyone can: it’s something that often requires a second income or extra family support that isn’t always available.


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The A-Z Guide of Work-Life Blending

You can download our A-Z of different ways people are work-life blending.

About Us


Jen Barton Packer is a native New Yorker turned Londoner who hasn’t lost her accent - or her commitment to food-shaped handbags and Disney print leggings. She's a writer, author, managing editor, digital maven and collage queen. After studying French and Russian at Oxford, Jen has spent most of her time writing in English, musing on her mother and children for publications like Huffington Post and Telegraph Stella, blogging about fashion for Harper’s Bazaar UK and Marie Claire UK and becoming an expert on all things in the mobile/tech arena as the managing and launch editor of Three UK’s content hub. She also manages her four children, pet bulldog and husband.


Char is what you get when you mix Tinkerbell with a Harvard MBA. Ever an optimist, she is a proud Canadian who enjoys watching her two British-accented boys playing rugby. Char is an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur and a systempreneur who deeply believes in the power of business as a force for good. She can often be found handing out B Corp buttons whilst sprinting to catch her train at Waterloo Station (in heels!). Char is married to her soulmate, SG, who is her polar opposite (according to Myers Briggs).


Amanda Briden is our resident ‘Minnesota – oh, ya, you betcha’ native who left the arctic cold for foggy ol’ England to complete her MBA at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School. She’s a former NASA rocket scientist and social innovator turned design thinker, entrepreneur, and new mum. When she’s off mummy duty, you’ll find her reading about plants, dabbling in interior design, and walking with her husband in the Hertfordshire countryside.